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Make a large gin and tonic with ice and a fat slice of lemon. This is to keep you going throughout the rest of the production and may need to be replenished as you go...

Method:  I take four lovely home grown welsh free range eggs and weigh them with the shells on. I couldn't make this cake without the input of my lovely happy fluffy girls! The eggs are gathered at dawn with the dew still damp on the soft mountain grass and mist floating up the valley.... This makes the cake such a beautiful colour!
I then use the same weight of butter, sugar and self raising flour.
Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs until well combined. Mix in the sieved flour and grated rind of two lemons. Stir in the juice of one lemon and a splash of gin. Have a sip of G&T.
Put the mixture into a lined loaf tin and bake at about 180oc for 45 mins.
Remove from the oven and whilst resting make the drizzle. Mix 150 g granulated sugar with the juice of one lemon and about 8-10 shots of gin.... More is best! Use your favourite flavour gin but I find Gordon's a good traditional flavour for this.
Prick the cake surface with a fork and pour the  drizzle mixture over. It will look messy and untidy but who cares when it tastes so yummy!!
Bon appetit! 

The winner of the August 2016 Bake Off

Jane's Juicy Gin Cake


4 eggs
Then equal weight of...
Self raising flour

2 large lemons
Gin, plenty of!
150g granulated sugar

Go on....



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The Great

Skipton Horse Trials

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